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As an Authorized Gigamon Reseller, IT Commpro has the ability to provide intelligent network traffic visibility across on-premises, virtual and cloud environments. Gigamon is the company driving the convergence of networking and security.

Traffic Intelligence

With GigaSMART traffic intelligence, you can selectively deliver the right traffic to the right security and network traffic monitoring tools, both inline and out of band. Gigamon offers a next-generation network packet broker (NPB) that uses traffic intelligence to deliver optimized traffic to the tools.


GigaSMART provides network traffic monitoring that extends the intelligence and value of the GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform by enhancing network infrastructure and improving security tool performance.

GigaVUE Visibility Appliances

GigaVUE Visibility Appliances deliver consistent insight into data that travels across your network, including data centers and remote sites. With the Gigamon solution, you will have the coverage and control you need to safeguard critical network and business assets.


GigaVUE-FM, delivers single-pane-of-glass management and monitoring of all the physical and virtual nodes across your on-premises, virtual and public cloud deployments, with simplified workflows for traffic policy configuration, end-to-end topology visualization, hierarchical grouping based on location and customizable dashboards.

GigaVUE V Series

The GigaVUE V Series are visibility nodes that are deployed in the public cloud, where they aggregate, select, optimize and distribute traffic. With the Gigamon solution, enterprises can send relevant traffic to their security tools, reducing cost and complexity across their entire IT environment.


GigaVUE-VM allows VM network traffic to be acquired and forwarded to your existing security and monitoring tools, regardless of their location.

Call Us Today: +971-4-313 2490